About Us

Thomas and Les have been in the Insurance industry since 1987. They have seen many significant moments that have greatly impacted and shaped the Insurance industry. This has given them a diverse range of experiences which has broadened their skill set and provided them with extensive skills to serve their clients. Their long terms client relationships are a testament of not only their knowledge but also their ability to exceed their clients expectations.
Thomas and Les are not only the driving force behind their dynamic team but more importantly the heart and soul of 20:20 Insurance Brokers. Through their meticulous processes they aim to build long standing relationships with clients and business partners. Thomas and Les pride themselves in knowing the greatest  source of new business  to 20:20 Insurance Brokers is referrals from their existing clients. A reflection of the quality and level of service provided by  the team at 20:20 Insurance brokers.

The History

With almost 30 years of a business relationship and partnership of 14 years, Les Engelbrecht and Thomas Harrys, have created and nurtured the ‘20:20 Insurance Brokers’ brand to be a trustful and resilient brand to its clients. Their combined experiences of over 60 years in the Insurance Industry enthused them into starting this venture in 2006. Today they have a robust team of highly proficient individuals driving the company to success.

Ideal Client

We are adamant on providing quality services to our clients and to ensure that, a business ‘fit’ is vital. Ideal businesses we have understood to be a fit are ones that:

Appreciates the value of engaging a broker

Wants the best cover, not the cheapest

Wants the best claims service when they need it

Fully understands the importance of their insurance program


20:20 Insurance Brokers is part of Australasia’s largest general insurance broker network.

Steadfast’s scale and market leading innovation mean we are in a stronger position to secure the best insurance solutions for you, at a competitive price. When the time comes and you need to make a claim, you will have the backing of Steadfast behind you.


Corporate Social Responsibilites

Mater Little Miracles

Mater Little Miracles was born out of a desire to provide the best possible start to life for seriously ill and premature babies cared for at Mater—that’s more than 2000 new Queenslanders born every year.’ These babies are often born too early, very sick, or too small to go home with their parents just yet. This initiative works toward gathering support for these tiny patients provide great quality medical care to them without transferring the financial burden to parents who cannot afford the services.